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Chicken Biryani recipe is a rice recipe of Southern Asian integrated rice dish of the Hyderabad Indian Food and Pakistan Food. It is popular throughout the Indo Pak.
This Desi continental food is commonly served in dinner. Mostly Served in Pakistani Weddings and Indian Weddings on Mehndi Event.

Mughal Chicken Biryani is the most eaten food in Pakistan, India, Punjab, and Hyderabad it is made with rice, chicken curry, mutton, or beef butt mostly it is served with chicken curry.
Hyderabadi Biryani recipe is very simple, just follow given recipes in the game we have all world-famous biryani recipes like Chicken Biryani Maker, Sindhi Biryani Maker, Bombay Biryani cooking,

This Indian Food is very Famous in Hyderabad
Those who do not like meat luckily vegetable biryani recipe in Hindi are there to serve us. Mix vegetable rice is one of the favorite dishes of mine ☺
Veg and nonveg food of Bombay by Mughals

Briyani Recipe:
⦁ Chicken Briyani
⦁ cooking oil/butter/Ghee
⦁ onion chopped
⦁ jalapenos pepper , deseeded and chopped
⦁ bay leaf
⦁ cumin spice
⦁ curry spice
⦁ chilli spice (optional)
⦁ white/black pepper
⦁ Basmati rice
⦁ pepper , chopped
⦁ water, and/or coconut milk
⦁ Cilantro, Coriander

Game Features:
⦁ Addictive and Easy Gameplay for Kids.
⦁ Very Realistic Game Graphics.
⦁ Very Addictive Mini Games Included.
⦁ Very Famous and easy Recipie.


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