Battle Within Coronavirus

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Defend the body against Coronavirus!

You are in charge of a modern cure system that uses small drones in form of spaceships to fight disease and right now, you are defending a patient again coronavirus! You start with a basic spaceship and have to move through the body and defeat all the viruses that you encounter along the way. As you complete each level, you will earn some gems that can be sued to purchase newer and stronger ships (6 ships in total) and also upgrade the ones that you already own. To defeat all 40 levels and the bosses that come every 5th level, you will need to purchase better ships, upgrade them and use the power ups that you find across levels wisely. These power ups include scatter shot, rapid fire, star bomb, heal and other things that can be very useful. So do your best and try to save this patient before its too late!

- 40 different levels
- 6 unique spaceships to choose from
- Various power ups
- An interesting boss fight every 5th level
- Amazing graphics and visual effect

Touch on mobile device or mouse on PC.


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