Cake Shop Cafe Pastries & Waffles cooking Game

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This cake shop game is specially made for you guys. In the cake making game, you will be allowed to prepare different cakes for the customers. Make different bakery items in your own cake factory and sell them to the customers in this free cooking game. Earn lots of coins in this dessert shop game and unlock other cake shops included in the free kitchen game. In the shop management game, I hope you can handle all the customers in my bakery shop with many power-ups and targets. You will have three food truck game experience in a single gameplay area. So get this addictive game right now, make delicious cakes and dessert, and sell them to the customers in cake mania. This free chef game includes your own baker shop where you need to serve all the cake lover and dessert lover, customers. Earn lots of coins in my cafe shop, upgrade all the cooking appliances and use different power-ups to complete different challenging levels.

This one baker shop is one of the best bakery games for free. You just need to serve those customers who come to your cake food truck. Make lots of coins to purchase boosters and upgrades. Unlock all the food truck in the serving game and enjoy serving different recipes to match the taste with all the customers.

# Key Features

- Delicious Desserts To Cook & Serve In Different Food Trucks
- Different Food Trucks For Variety Of Play areas
- Number Of Upgrades To Increase The Cooking Speed
- Handle So Many Customers At Your Food Truck
- Use Number Of Awesome Power Up To Excite Your Gameplay
- Complete Daily Challenge And Earn Rewards
- Get Unexpected Daily Rewards During The Play area
- Certain Goals Have To Be Achieved To Complete The Level
- Upgrade Your Tools To Perform Faster

All those who love to make cakes, this is the best cake making game to match customer interest. Cake shop great pastries & waffle cooking game will entertain you for lots of hours. Do share it with your friends and family.



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