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Noob playground: Human Ragdoll is a sandbox playground game in pixel art style!

- Have fun with people!
There are a lot of humans in our game: Noob, Pro, Zombie! They have advanced ragdoll which makes the playground more interesting!

- Build houses!
The playground has a large number of blocks that make the game a sandbox. Combine them together to build a noob and other humans house!

- Explode!
TNT is a great part of any playground and sandbox. It's in our game too. Blow up everything you see, the noob and other people will scatter beautifully because of the ragdoll physics.

- Shoot!
Our sandbox has 3 weapons. This is an important part of any playground because it makes people's ragdoll even more fun! Noob and other people is waiting for you!

- Interact!
Our sandbox has a large number of items. As in any playground, you can move, rotate, freeze and activate them! You can grab a noob and hit him against the blocks, and he will scatter beautifully due to the presence of ragdoll physics!

Download Noob playground: Human Ragdoll to enjoy this physics sandbox with noob and others people!



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